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Your industrial design partner

As long as there's a user, there's a way to enhance user experience by design. User centered design and a solid know-how of how things are made are the cornerstones in everything we do. 

Whether there's a need for creative kick in your company or your team is missing industrial designer, we can take care of the industrial design all the way from concepting to productisation. We are the partners you have been looking for.


Award winning design

Designing the world's first mobile hyperspectral camera.

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Build on concepting

Concepting is the base. It will define and develop the core values that your new product is built on. It creates the character of the product and how the product will look and feel. Product concept with a clear character will help the team to keep focus on right things during the product development process.


Wearables + ergonomics

Ergonomics is the key to great user experience in wearables.

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Speak engineering? 

We do. Rock solid knowhow how mass production will affect on design has been gained during +10 years on the business of creating various products.
Created 3D -models are sculpted with parametric modelling for maximized flexibility as the product takes it's form during the productization. 


Creative problem solving

Creating something new usually means unpredictable challenges to untangle. That's where creativity can make the difference.

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Visual apperance

It's not just the form, it's also about the color and material design. Playing with surface finishing, materials and colors will take the feel and looks of the product to another level.

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